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About Us

The Phillip Island Island website was launched in 2013 and was created to highlight everything there is to see and do in Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia. It has since undergone multiple updates and reiterations, and we are also looking to share new things we have found along the way.

Michael Jones (the website creator, photographer, researcher, and editor) has visited Phillip Island countless times over the years (having stayed in Cowes, Ventnor & Newhaven) and has always been a favourite destination for a weekend away. He can’t visit the island without going to the Penguin Parade, Wildlife Park, and A Maze’n Things. He has personally visited all of the locations on this website, so he can likely answer any questions you may have about a specific attraction – or he can likely find the answer since he is pretty good at using Google.

We are always in travel mode – either on the road right now or planning two holidays ahead. Finding everything there is to see, do, and experience and then putting together an itinerary is half the fun of travelling, so please have a look through our website and send us any questions you may have about Chiang Mai.

Feel free to use the Contact Us form linked at the top or the question box at the bottom of each of the respective pages.

Happy Travels!

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