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State Coal Mine

State Coal Mine

The State Coal Mine is a historical attraction in Wonthaggi, Victoria.

It was once a 20th-century state-owned coal mine from 1910 through to 1968 but was then converted into a tourist attraction and a state park.

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It is estimated that the black coal deposits on-site are over 150 million years old. It’s also interesting to note that the mine’s tunnels are almost 5,000 kilometres long; creating an underground ring around Wonthaggi.

Visitors are invited to take part in the Underground Tours, which are operated daily. You’ll get to go back in time to learn what it was like to work in a coal mine during the early days, as you make your way through the vast network of tunnels. The interactive tours allow you to see what it was like for the early miners, and how hard they worked extracting black coal.

Kids will enjoy meeting the pit pony, getting a ride on the steam locomotive, going on heritage walks, and watching a film.

After the tours, enjoy a snack and refreshment at the cafe or have a barbecue at the sheltered picnic area.

More than just being a tourist attraction, the State Coal Mine allows visitors to understand the role of coal mining in the cultural heritage of Australia.

Visitors are recommended to make advanced bookings to secure a spot. Wearing closed-toe shoes are a requirement.

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