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Coronet Bay Fun Run

Coronet Bay Fun Run

The Coronet Bay Fun Run is an exciting community event at the Coronet Bay Community Hall located at Fred Gration Reserve.

During the event, participants can walk, run or even take a billy cart or pram as long as they show up and have some fun!

Coronet Bay Fun Run, 2024 Dates, Races, Start Times & Entry Prices, Vic

The event’s history dates back to 1997 when it was started by Laurie Black who, who, for 14 years, served as the event coordinator. Back then, it was held at the end of Cutty Sark Road. In 2008 and many years after, the coordinators experimented with a change of location, though these are now held at the hall.

Coronet Bay Fun Run has continued to grow in popularity. By 2012, they devised a new tallying system that featured a more streamlined way of tracking results. There are also now more awards that are given to winners.

Come along and enter the Coronet Bay Fun Run/Walk, which commences at the Coronet Bay Community Hall in the Fred Gration Reserve. The cost is $15 per person, with a discount for families. Medallions will be awarded to the first 3 placings in 6 categories.

For a small fee, participants can join the fun run. The fees go to financing the basic operational costs of the event, while donations in kind help the coordinators fund other gifts, including prizes and medallions. Entry fees also help pay for food and giveaways, and any remaining balance is used to contribute to the facilities around Coronet Bay.

Prammers and walkers are welcome to join the 3km section, though advanced runners are encouraged to apply for the 5km. Delicious food and refreshments will be made available during the event. Awards are given to the first 3 winners in 6 categories.

Check out the Coronet Bay Fun Run schedule and apply for a race for a day of good times and fitness.

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