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Inverloch Sounds Of Summer

Inverloch Sounds of Summer

Inverloch Sounds of Summer is one of the hottest events during the festival season.

Located just two hours away from the Melbourne CBD, the scenic surrounds of Thompson Reserve come alive with art, music, and relaxing vibes right by the sea.

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The family-friendly event welcomes everyone to experience a one-of-a-kind social festival. This is your chance to see some of the most popular Australian artists put a live performance you’ll remember. As it’s just a one-day event, there’s no need to take a tent or other essentials with you. Just bring along your most comfortable dancing shoes, and you’re set for the day!

For the Inverloch Sounds of Summer, the best items to bring are a picnic mat, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, and your fun self! It’s also safe enough to tote your little ones along, so whether your kids are in their tends or still toddlers, everyone will have a great time. Adults can enjoy the wine and terrific food while dancing along to local music.

More importantly, the Inverloch Sounds of Summer showcases the raw talent of musicians hailing from the Bass Coast as well as the rest of the Gippsland region. It’s an excellent opportunity to explore the cultural and artistic delights of this area with your family and friends.

Tickets for adults, seniors, families, students, kids under 5, and VIP Marquee are available. Stay tuned to see who the upcoming acts will be. It’s always recommended to reserve your tickets ahead of time.

Spend a few days at Inverloch to discover the rest of the magical attractions in the area. There are charming bed and breakfast options and many affordable hotel choices here. If you love the outdoors, you’ll have a ball with the numerous scenic trails and activities to do here.

The Inverloch Sounds of Summer is your gateway to a memorable summer.

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