San Remo Channel Challenge 2016

San Remo Channel Challenge
While visiting Phillip Island, don’t miss to visit the event venue of San Remo Channel Challenge at the township of San Remo. Apart from its many scenic attractions and many fun-filled activities, San Remo boasts a number of events including the Channel Challenge.

This is a racing event that includes 500 metre swimming across the channel between San Remo and Phillip Island. Hundreds of participants head to this small and quaint township to take part in this challenge and win the prize.

San Remo Channel Challenge, Phillip Island

The contenders should first finish the 500 metre swimming across the channel and then the 2km run-back over the bridge to reach the last point in San Remo. Enthusiastic swimmers can contact the officials and visit the website to get all other details about the event. Actually, this event challenge is a part of the popular Biathlons of Bass Coast. Hence, participants of other Bass Events also come here to compete and win the prize money.

Held in the month of January next year, this event is one of the major events in summer in this entire region of Phillip Island.

The total swimming distance of this event is 550 metres. However, the event only conducts the competition in slack water as a strong tide flows through the channel. For those looking forward to enroll for the event for the very first time, know that you don’t have to swim at the channel with high and strong tides.

So don’t miss to watch or take part in this spectacular swimming competition of San Remo township.

San Remo Channel Challenge Information

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San Remo Pier, San Remo

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