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Conservation Hill Reserve

Conservation Hill Reserve

Conservation Hill Reserve is a habitat where migratory and resident birds can take shelter.

It features mudflats and mangroves, all of which play an important ecological role in protecting bird species.

Conservation Hill Reserve, Walking Paths & Birdlife, Rhyll Phillip Island

Visitors are invited to take a walk along the boardwalk and explore the mudflats, saltmarsh, and mangroves.

Booking a tour is the best way to learn about these birds and the many other animals that inhabit the area. If you come at the right time, it’s fascinating to witness the migratory birds in flight as they travel thousands of kilometres just to feed in the area.

The Conservation Hill Reserve is located within Rhyll, which was originally called Flagstaff. It was named by John David McHaffie, who, together with William his brother, rented the entirety of Philipp Island and operated it as a stock run from 1842 through 1868. However, Rhyll’s history dates back to 1798 and settlement took place from 1856 onwards.

Other attractions within this small charming town are a variety of tourism attractions, accommodation of all budgets, and numerous cafes and restaurants.

If you are looking for a tranquil area to immerse in nature, Conservation Hill Reserve is highly recommended.

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