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Fisher’s Wetland

Fisher’s Wetland

Fisher’s Wetland, a well-known destination for bird-watchers, is tucked away on the side of the access road to Churchill Island, known as Samuel Amess Drive.

The most exciting attraction on the island is bird-watching. The island is home to various bird species that exist naturally in their water habitat. The various water birds include geese, pelicans, black swans, ducks and purple hens.

Fisher’s Wetland Bird Watching Park & Photography, Phillip Island

The paths to the various viewpoints in the wetlands are easily accessible via boardwalks and defined pathways and therefore suitable for all ages. Most people come out to these scenic points to take some photos as there are some great views of local bird life at Fisher’s Wetland.

The landscape in this area is also very captivating as it is an expansive area with lakes and vegetation, making it a beautiful and varied site for nature photography.

As for walking tracks, there is a walking track that starts near the junction of the main road and Samuel Amess Drive, which meanders through the wetland and across the bridge to the Churchill Island visitor centre. Sections of the walk are elevated on boardwalks, and there are viewing platforms with information boards to help visitors to understand what they are seeing.

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