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Forrest Caves

The Forrest Caves of Phillip Island are a stunning natural attraction that has been formed over time due to the eroded cliffs – only accessible during low tide.

A visit to the Forrest Caves will be a terrific addition to your trip to Phillip Island, a highlight that you shouldn’t miss even if you’ve already visited the famous penguins.

Forrest Caves Tide & Surf Newhaven, Phillip Island

Take a stroll to the beach and you’ll find spectacular rock formations that took many years of exposure to the elements. Visitors are urged to be cautious and carefully choose the time of day to visit. Mighty waves still crash in the area, which is why you should never visit other than when it’s low tide. If you find yourself at the Forrest Caves during high tide, just enjoy the views from a safe distance.

As you walk around the various formations, it is impossible not to marvel at the sheer intricate patterns that have carved the outline of the caves. You will also notice that there are different colours in the caves, resulting from the sun’s rays that filter through the structure.

The Forrest Caves are a perfect escape for anyone looking to get away from the main attractions and enjoy the sea breeze while discovering some of the island’s hidden gems. To get to the caves, make your way to The Cape Kitchen just off the main road on the island.

Take the steps from the car park and then take a left turn. You will pass by giant sand dunes along the way until you finally come across the caves. Depending on when you visit, look out for the thousands of short-tailed shearwaters that fly around the beach area during the warmer months of September to May.

Phillip Island Rd
Newhaven, VIC

Opening Hours
24 Hours

Phone Number
1300 226 278

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What is the Forrest Caves address?
Phillip Island Rd, Newhaven, VIC
What are the Forrest Caves opening hours?
24 Hours
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What is the Forrest Caves phone number?
1300 226 278
What is the Forrest Caves email address?

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