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The Nobbies

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Located on a picturesque landscape bordered by the Bass Strait, the Nobbies is just five-minute drive south-west from the Penguin Parade.

The Nobbies Centre is a popular spot for checking out seals lazing around on Seal Rocks and viewing the magnificent landscape of Phillip Island in all its glory.

The Nobbies Centre, Seal Rocks, Cafe & Accommodation, Phillip Island

Take a stroll down the boardwalk and admire some of the best lookouts on Phillip Island. The Nobbies is well known for the magnificent views of Seal Rocks where you can see Australia’s largest colony of fur seals as they frolic, and relax on the rocky outcrops.

On your walk, catch a glimpse of the blowhole which is caused by waves smashing into a large sea cave creating a large jet of water soaring into the sky. You will also see thousands of sea birds as they make nests all along the foreshore and catch glimpses of them as they take flight over the sea. You may also catch glimpses of fairy penguins as sleeping in their burrows during the day, or catch them emerging and waddling out to sea.

The Nobbies Centre is also located on site which is an information centre where visitors can learn more about the landscape and natural wildlife that calls Phillip Island home. Check out the many interactive displays and treat yourself to a snack inside the cafe.

The Nobbies is a FREE attraction, so make sure you make the trip down during your stay on Phillip Island. There is plenty of accommodation located on the south-west of the island.


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  • Do you require a ticket to view the penguins or is that just for seating? We have transportation to the island with Aussie friends and are wondering if we can walk on the boardwalk to see the penguins without purchasing stadium or vip seating.

    • Hi Aprilyn,

      Yes, you require a ticket to view the Penguin Parade as they arrive on the beach each evening.

      The boardwalk is beyond the ticketed area, so it is not possible to walk the boardwalks without a ticket. The ticket covers access to the boardwalk area as well as the seating area. They are not separate experiences.

      However if you want to try to catch a glimpse of the Penguins as they are nesting during the day, you can attend the Nobbies boardwalks which is free. The Nobbies is a different location than the Penguin Parade, but is not far away. Sometimes you can catch a glimpse of the little fairy penguins in the many nesting boxes scattered along the nature reserve.

      Best regards,

      • We have been trying to purchase tickets for the penguin parade viewing on August 4, 2018 but we can’t seem to find the place on your website to purchase just those tickets. Everything that pops up is a 3 or more park package, which is not what we want. Is there a link to just the $25 penguin parade tickets you can share? We require 4 adult tickets. Thank you!

What is the Nobbies address?
What are the Nobbies opening hours?
Summer: 11am – approx. 8pm
Autumn: 11am – approx. 5pm
Winter: 11am – approx. 4pm
Spring: 11am – approx. 6pm

The Nobbies area is closed one hour before sunset each day to protect the native wildlife.

Please visit our website for more information on the Nobbies.
What are the Nobbies entry prices?
What is the Nobbies phone number?

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