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Storm Bay

Storm Bay

Storm Bay in Phillip Island is a small platform beach, 100 meters in length.

Located just 500 meters west of the car park at Pyramid Rock, this beach is popular among rock fishers and advanced surfers.

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If you’re looking for a new, challenging surf spot, Storm Bay is highly recommended. A right-hander break is found just right above the boulders during high tide, though the many rocks can also make this dangerous for the inexperienced.

Fishing over the exposed rock platforms can also be quite good for as long as you already have decent experience doing so – particularly in areas that have numerous rocks and strong waves.

Storm Bay isn’t patrolled, so travellers are advised to stay on the safe side.

While exploring the area, Pyramid Rock is also worth a visit. This site is a geological remnant naturally created by lava flow many years ago. During low tide, visitors can see exposed granite, which is also the largest granite outcrop outside of Cape Woolamai.

If you enjoy geology, you’ll be fascinated with Pyramid Rock since it remains to be one of the best examples of pre-volcanic and volcanic land surface contact. You may also find it interesting to note that inter-volcanic gravel here means that lava flow never completely covered Woolamai Granite.

Storm Bay’s stunning coastline and the nearby Pyramid Rock make for a terrific day trip. Just be sure to visit in comfortable footwear.

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