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The Colonnades

The Colonnades

The Colonnades is a coastal area in Phillip Island that provides visitors with sweeping sea views.

As one of the island’s most beautiful beaches, this destination is highly recommended for visitors who want to enjoy the sun, surf, and great outdoors.

The Colonnades, Beach, Surfing & Parking, Cape Woolamai, Phillip Island

It also serves as an extension of the famous Woolamai Surf Beach. Rock reefs can be found in the surf, which acts as a boundary for the beaches. The waves are an average of 1.5 meters high, and there are strong rips in the wide surf zone area.

Bathers should be cautious of swimming here; it’s safest to swim only inshore or by the bar. However, seasoned surfers frequent the beach for high waves and good breaks.

When exploring The Colonnades, you may notice a unique cliff face on one of the rocks. It looks like organ pipes, though it’s best observed during low tide. The area has geological significance because the mineral deposits here are a representation of how massive the volcanic eruptions of the past were.

If you’re lucky, you might even get to spot some whales when visiting The Colonnades. There are also a few cafes nearby to take in the coastal views. During cool days, the wind can be quite strong but still enjoyable as long as you bring a jacket.

Those looking for some scenic activities will enjoy the 1-hour stroll that starts at the Cape Woolamai Surf Beach through The Colonnades. This walk is great for seeing the many natural attractions that the beach has to offer.

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