Phillip Island Penguins

phillip island penguins

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Renowned as the most popular wildlife tourist appeal in Australia, the Phillip Island Penguin Parade in Victoria is the home to the largest tiny penguin settlements in the entire world. At every sunset, these cute and amazing penguins return to their sand dune burrows after an active day in search of food.

These wild penguins emerge from the coast and toddle across the sandy beach of Phillip Island to reach their nests. And also, the penguins are the world’s smallest penguin species and largest colonies found in one island.

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Enjoy the view of the natural penguins and learn more about this unique natural phenomenon as well. At dusk, the Phillip Island penguin parade occurs, when the herds of fairy penguins return to the shore.

Tourists can catch a glimpse of the little penguins and the fairy penguin across the Summerland Beach area on Phillip Island. The penguins arrive in large herds and wobble their tiny wings while crossing the sand dunes at the shore. This wonderful view is well enjoyed by tourists of all ages.

The penguin parade is a unique and must-see attraction in the neighbourhoods of Melbourne that draws millions of people from all across the world. With many other nearby scenic attractions and sightseeing opportunities, the penguin parade is in fact one of Victoria’s most popular and Australia’s second most natural tourist attraction.

Tourists coming to Phillip Island can drive or take a guided tour to watch these astounding creatures and their parade next to the shore. Don’t forget to buy you Penguin Parade tours & tickets online at great cheap prices!

Phillip Island Penguin Parade Information

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1013 Ventnor Rd, Summerlands

Operating Hours:

Penguin Parade occurs at sunset

Phone: 03 5951 2800

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