Phillip Island Penguins

Phillip Island Penguin Parade

Located just 90 minutes from Melbourne is Phillip Island, one of Victoria’s most beautiful natural wildlife reserves. On Phillip Island, visitors will have ample opportunity to view some of Australia’s most famous animals including koalas, kangaroos and the beloved fairy penguins.

The most popular attraction on Phillip Island is the penguin parade which occurs every evening. Here, visitors to the island will be able to view hundreds of tiny penguins as they emerge from the sea and waddle up to their nesting boxes in search of food and shelter.

Phillip Island Fairy Penguin Parade Tour & Tickets

The Penguin Parade is a completely natural occurrence and the Phillip Island nature park has established viewing platforms and boardwalks so that visitors can watch this amazing spectacle without disturbing the penguins.

The main penguin viewing area at Summerland Beach has tiered seating and provides a 180 degree elevated viewing of the penguins on parade. Visitors should arrive just before dusk and settle in to wait for the penguins arrival. For those who would like a personalised experience, there are packages available which gets you an up close view of the penguins from a closer and more exclusive platform.

As the penguins move up the beach, the crowd moves to follow as you walk up the boardwalk to watch the penguins as they feed and find their nesting boxes which dot the landscape. Visitors are asked not to use flash photography as this can damage the penguins sensitive eyes and may scare them away.

After the penguins have settled in for the night, visitors can check out the information centre where you can learn more about fairy penguins and the environment around Phillip Island.

There is plenty of parking at the Penguin Parade as well as disabled access right down to the beach. Visitors are advised to bring warm clothing to the penguin parade as it can get very cold during the evening, particularly in the winter months.

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