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Caravan Parks
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Caravan Parks

As a popular holiday destination in Victoria, Phillip Island is home to many caravan parks and campgrounds.

Apart from the many attractions located nearby in Cowes, caravan parks offer an inexpensive accommodation option for couples and families intending to stay on Phillip Island for a weekend away or for a longer holiday.

Phillip Island Caravan Parks & Holiday Park Cabins, Victoria

Given that Phillip Island is such a small island, each caravan park is conveniently located either right on the beach or further inland near the many shops and restaurants.

Phillip Island caravan parks offer many choices to suit all budgets ranging from cheap campsites, family sized cabins and self-contained bungalows. Alternatively, if you have your own caravan, park it at one of the powered or unpowered sites, depending on your budget and preference. Most sites range between around $20-60 per night.

At a powered site, you will have access to water and a TV connection and many sites have sullage. The unpowered sites have a water tap for your use, however, all sites are in close proximity to clean amenity blocks as well as BBQ and picnic areas.

Some caravan parks also have playgrounds for the kids and ample space for children to ride bikes and scooters. This is why caravan parks are considered a great option for families when visiting Phillip Island.

Nestled in a beautiful setting with several nearby scenic attractions, caravan parks are such a great, economical option. Click on our link below for the best deals for accommodation in Cowes and around Phillip Island.

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