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With many natural scenic attractions, wildlife conservation parks and pristine beaches, Phillip Island is truly a delight for all visitors. Choosing a cottage is a common option for travellers who spend a lot of time on the road and need to save on accommodation costs.

Most cottages offer a range of amenities including separate bedrooms, lounge rooms and kitchens which makes them a great option for those travelling with family or in a group.

Phillip Island Cottages, Villas & Retreat Accommodation, Victoria

For those looking for something with multiple rooms with a cheaper price-tag than the resorts, there are many cottages available on Phillip Island. Some cottages are low-frills and low cost but offer a clean and spacious option for those who don’t want to spend a lot on their holiday. These fully self-contained 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms, cottages come with everything you need for a relaxing holiday.

Nautilus Cottage is just two minutes away from the pristine Phillip Island beach, and its proximity to amenities makes it ideal for the social traveller. Alternatively, Alvina Holiday Cottages are a must-see for travellers to Phillip Island as they are family friendly and are built on a farm to give a homely feel.

For those looking for a more deluxe cottage, you may find these at one of the resorts on the island, or through a private accommodation rental. In addition to the usual amenities at the cheaper cottages, more luxurious villas will also come with spa bath, cable TV, Wi-Fi, queen bed as well as extra linen and towels as well as reverse cycle heating and cooling.

The cost of accommodation on Phillip Island cottages varies considerably, depending on the type of cottage you are after as well as the location. Click on our link below for the best accommodation deals.

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