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Bunurong Coastal Drive

Bunurong Coastal Drive

The Bunurong Coastal Drive is one of Victoria’s most picturesque attractions. Showcasing mind-blowing coastal scenery, this drive is highly recommended if you’re looking for a relaxing way to sightsee.

The 14-kilometre long drive runs from Cate Paterson all through Inverloch.

Bunurong Coastal Drive, Beaches, Map, Cape Paterson-Inverloch, Victoria

Both drivers and passengers will be treated to scenic sights including rugged cliffs, sandy beaches, and rolling hills, and rocky headlands. Be sure to bring along your camera because of the numerous attractive stops.

The first of these is The Oaks, which you’ll encounter following Cape Paterson. Here, you’ll find an off-road carpark where you can stop for a few minutes to appreciate the lookout or do a leisurely walk along the coastal track. The views include lush sandstone cliffs that lead to a sandy beach area; a common feature in the Bass Coast.

Up next is Twin Reefs; a popular tourist destination. You’ll also find an off-road carpark leading to a viewpoint, but taking the walking path down to the beach to enjoy the sights is recommended. However, take note that the walking path is rather steep and may not be suitable for everyone.

The Bunurong Coastal Drive will also take you to Shack Bay, where you get to have a glimpse at the famous Eagles Nest; a rocky outcrop right by wavy beaches. This is easily the most rugged headlands you’ll encounter along the drive, but the dramatic crashing of waves is a sight to behold.

For many, Eagle’s Nest is the main attraction. There is some parking to be found along the bitumen, and a grassy area has some seats where you can relax. Pacific Gulls are a common sight as well as New Holland Honey Eaters.

Last but not least is The Caves, which also has off-road parking and a walkway. During low tide, it reveals sandy floor caves, though exploring the area is not recommended during high tide.

Reaching the Bunurong Coastal Drive will take around two hours from the CBD of Melbourne, or only 45 minutes if coming from Phillip Island.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly day tour, you’ll love the sights here.

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