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Cat Bay
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Cat Bay

Cat Bay is a top tourist attraction on Phillip Island; featuring a point break and sheltered beach, making it renowned surf and beach destination.

Most of the year there are terrific swells to be enjoyed, although the water tends to be flat during the summer months.

Cat Bay Phillip Island Surfing, Fishing, Tides & Map

Surfing at Cat Bay is ideal for surfers of all levels. Experienced surfers usually head off to the right and left-hand reef breaks, which is where the massive swells can be found. The best time to visit for surfing is from March to October.

The smooth and short waves are all the rage here, and that is why the beach attracts throngs of people on weekends and public holidays; just like other popular surf beaches in Australia. If you would like to enjoy some solitude at the beach, make time to visit during the week as there are fewer people then. However, practice caution at all times as there is a danger of sharks – especially in the deep waters.

While Cat Bay is ideal for surfing, it is not recommended for swimming, primarily due to the absence of patrolling lifeguards. If you don’t surf, there are a plethora of other beach activities to safely enjoy: beach sports, sunbathing, relaxing, and sightseeing.

Other nearby attractions include Ventnor Beach, Smiths Beach, Summerland Beach, and Penguin Parade. If you’re lucky, you can even get a glimpse of the adorable penguins in their element right from the beach!

Whatever plans you have in Phillip Island, make sure that you make time to enjoy sun, sand and surf at Cat Bay. Getting here is easy by car; it’s a short five-minute drive from the famous Penguin Parade. Follow the road to Summerland Beach Resort, cross the Penguin Parade, and you’ll be there.

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