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Kitty Miller Bay

Kitty Miller Bay

Kitty Miller Bay is a gorgeous beach in Phillip Island and is one of the most popular attractions in the area.

The 500-metre-long beach features an expansive rock platform that provides the perfect setting for a number of fun water activities.

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During low tide, the stunning seaweed-covered rocks become visible, but during higher tides, it’s a great spot for snorkelling. The cliff’s edges and rocks are fun to explore, and the daring may want to dive down to the overhanging ledge. Just make sure to watch out for the Port Jackson shark! However, take note that snorkelling at Kitty Miller Bay is only recommended for skilled swimmers since the water can get very deep.

If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you can also unwind and relax at the beach. Bring along your camera, since Kitty Miller Bay is particularly attractive during sunrise and sunset.

Surfers will enjoy catching waves as they break out towards the platform – the best time to surf is high tide. Other popular activities at this beach include sunbathing and fishing. Rock fishermen are advised to be extremely cautious for safety purposes. Be wary of strong rips and currents, which Kitty Miller Bay is prone to. There is no lifeguard patrol, so it’s best to avoid swimming especially if you don’t know how to.

There are many other activities to enjoy in Kitty Miller Bay, even if you don’t swim. There are wonderful outdoor attractions; such as the Kitty Miller Bay walk, a beautiful place where you’ll find the old SS Speke shipwreck. The historical shipwreck is easily accessible by Kitty Miller Road.

This two-kilometre walk return trip takes about an hour, as the track is not well defined with its sharp cliff edges, sandy surfaces, and rock formations. As such, this walk is not ideal for wheelchair users. Note too that Kitty Miller Bay has no toilets, and the nearest restaurants are located in Cowes.

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