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Shipwreck Ss Speke

Shipwreck SS Speke

The Shipwreck of SS Speke is a fascinating place to visit while on Phillip Island.

The SS Speke was a huge three-masted steel ship built in Wales in 1891, and at the time, was one of the largest in the world.

Shipwreck SS Speke Location & Trail, Kitty Miller Bay, Phillip Island

The SS Speke has a colourful, rich history. In 1907, the captain of the ship noticed a fire on Phillip Island and mistook it for the Split Point Lighthouse, which is located close to the bay. Consequently, the ship ran around close to Kitty Miller Bay on the reef. This faulty navigation led to the drowning of one occupant, but the rest survived and made it to the beach.

Little of the magnificent SS Speke was saved back then and since the mighty waves eventually broke the wreck into two, this leads to its’ disintegration. A visit to this wreck will reveal that part of the bow is still located on the rocks and debris is also scattered along the water’s edges – a delightful treat for wreck explorers touring the island.

The Shipwreck of SS Speke is located just 15 minutes from the parking area. Take the track on the left while at the beach and you will get to a steep hill that may put your fitness level to the test. This route, however, is preferred because it is shorter and therefore less exhausting.

Towards the end of the track, the steep gradient that leads down to the shipwreck can be tricky, so remember to carry a good pair of shoes. Once at the shipwreck, visitors are amazed by the numerous photo opportunities that abound at the ghostly wreck.

The bow of the ship is easy to spot since it rests on its side. It is slightly hidden behind the cliffs on the eastern side of the bay. For this reason, it is always advisable to visit the shipwreck during low tide. It’s not practical to visit during the high tide, although adventurous history buffs and photographers may find this an exciting challenge.

The Shipwreck SS Speke is located just about two hours from Melbourne, and about a kilometre from Kitty Miller Bay. Enjoy the rich historical experience while making great memories of exploring the beach.

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