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The Punchbowl just off Phillip Island in San Remo and Kilcunda is a unique natural attraction.

This steep amphitheatre was naturally formed into magnificent bluffs, and on the eastern side is a small beach that is surrounded by rocks, reefs, and high cliffs.

Punchbowl Beach, Coastal Reserve & Trail, San Remo / Kilcunda, VIC

Though popular for being a one-of-a-kind geological wonder, the Punchbowl isn’t safe for swimming and is also notoriously difficult to access. However, many visitors pass through as it’s the jump-off point for the scenic George Bass Coastal Walk, which ends at Kilcunda.

Some good news: the George Bass Coastal Walk now connects you to the Bass Coast Rail Trail, which makes for an exciting 2-hour walk each way. However, it’s ideal to have at least some experience with hiking or bushwalking.

Though it is not recommended to get close to the Punchbowl, it’s certainly worth visiting from afar and exploring its other nearby attractions.

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