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Swan Lake Trail

Swan Lake Trail

Swan Lake Trail is an ideal family stroll that takes just 20 minutes per way, and its easy, well-established paths make it perfect for a relaxing day out with kids.

The trail itself will take you to several scenic sights as you make your way to the lake.

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These include adorable wallabies, majestic reptiles, graceful birds, and frogs as well. Once you get to Swan Lake, which also happens to be the only permanent freshwater lake in all of Phillip Island, you will get to see beautiful swans and even more birds.

A hut along Swan Lake Trail features a painting of the various birds that thrive in this area. Both kids and adults alike enjoy this destination for the many exciting sights and wildlife here. The trail begins on the Ventnor Road carpark, some 400 meters west from the Penguin Parade.

The Swan Lake Trail is also significant for the Bunurong Aboriginal people. It has a rich history, as middens, or the Dutch word for kitchen, items made from shells and charcoal have been found in this area. Historians believe that food here was most abundant during the summer and that the Bunurong people fed on wetland birds, fish, eels and plants.

One interesting thing to note is that the plants around the Swan Lake Trail were used for medicine. Bracken ferns can produce milk that can benefit those with insect stings, while plants were also used to weave shelters, bags, baskets, and other personal accessories.

The areas surrounding the trail are important bird-watching sites, especially around the lake’s edge. The trail is pram, wheelchair, and bicycle-friendly, though dogs are not allowed. Picnic tables are provided.

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