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Archies Creek

Archies Creek

Archies Creek is a small town located in Victoria, with a rich history that dates back to 1825 when coal was first discovered at Cape Paterson.

However, the pioneers back then saw the potential of this town, and before not too long, it began to grow prosperous with the addition of sheep and cattle farming.

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Historians state that a factory was built in the 1800s, though most of the town’s development spurred after the turn of the century. By 1902 forward, a small hotel popped up as well as the Melbourne Chilled Butter Factory. It was actually the butter factory that was the most important economically for the local people, and it was a pioneer for dairy factory development in the country.

Today, visitors to Archies Creek can explore numerous historical and cultural gems. An old local pub showcases impressive memorabilia. The community hall, which was built back in 1901, now hosts an array of exciting activities such as flamenco night, guitar making, and much more. Catch a show where talented local musicians play music to an enjoyable ambience or attend one of their workshops which they host in partnership with ArtSpace Wonthaggi.

Travel further along the coast to learn about Dalyston, which is a small town that’s home to the old church built in 1901 and which was converted into a cafe.

Archies Creek is a charming old town with much to discover, with quaint accommodation options available for those who’d like to stay a few nights. Click on the links below to explore the range of accommodation, hotels, and rentals in and around Archies Creek, VIC.

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