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Dalyston is a small rural town located along the Bass Highway in West Gippsland.

Though small and quiet, it makes a great getaway for a day or two.

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Its history dates back to 1890, as this was when the local economy first started growing thanks to the development of a mechanics’ institute. A Catholic church was later developed on land, which was donated by a man named Patrick Daly. This is where the town gets its name from. He was also generous enough to allow the development of the Powlett Race Club on his land in 1902, which is around the same time that the Daly’s Ozone Hotel opened.

Shire offices were built in 1922 because of its central location in Phillip Island, as well as the Woolamai Shire. More developments followed, including the building of a school, dairy factor, and other businesses.

Today, Dalyston continues to grow, but it has maintained its pristine beauty thanks to the absence of mass tourism. The town’s facilities include a general store which is famous for its mouth-watering fish and chips. Tourists and locals frequent the general store for its delicious food and the many other essential items that it carries, such as bread, milk, and much more.

The Cloverdale Park estate is a great destination for visitors with kids. It features a spacious playground and recreation area, where families can safely spend a few hours relaxing. Up the road, you’ll find Powlett River, which is popular for its scenic campsites. It’s equipped with a caravan park, and a bush track is located nearby. The sand dunes and beaches provide hours of wholesome outdoor fun.

If you’re looking for some sporty action, check out the Dalyston Recreation Reserve. During footy season, the reserve gets busy, and the atmosphere is almost electrifying with all the energy.

With all these and more, Dalyston is worth exploring so be sure to carve out some time in your itinerary. Click on the links below to explore the range of accommodation, hotels, and B&Bs in and around Dalyston, VIC.

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