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Corinella is a hidden gem in Victoria and is one of the most underrated destinations.

Because it’s still generally off the beaten track, this coastal town will win your heart with its pristine natural attractions.

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Located just a 90-minute drive away from Melbourne and 40 minutes from Cranbourne, the charming seaside town in Gippsland is home to numerous historical and tourist sights. It’s also a popular destination for boating, as you can launch the boat into the calm water while you enjoy a day of fishing or simply relaxing.

Corinella also happens to be one of the first settlements in all of Victoria. It’s considered a significant historic township, and it is home to the first Government House of Victoria. George Bass first explored the area in 1797, and it wasn’t until 1826 when the town was founded, originally as “Red Point,” after which it was changed to “Settlement Point”. Some time later, it eventually took on its current name.

The coastal views of Corinella will take your breath away. It’s also blessed with warmer waters, making it ideal for beachside getaways at any time of the year. The area offers a good mix of activities; the peninsula is surrounded by vast farms including thoroughbred racing horse farms, red deer, dairy, beef, herbs, flowers, wineries, and so much more.

However, those in the know appreciate that Corinella has a much more laid-back atmosphere due to the absence of mass tourism. If you’ve been looking for a tranquil respite or a short holiday, you’ll love the spacious roads, well-kept streets, and absence of crowded tourist spots here.

A quiet and sandy swimming beach located at O’Connor Road is a favourite for a day out in the sun. Families and friends can unwind here after taking a coastal stroll, where you get to see stunning blue wrens hanging around. If you’d like to get more exercise in, check out the walking track found at the end of Beach Street. There are several walking tracks in this area, so pack along your most comfortable shoes for the best experience.

A caravan park can be found on the hilltop, blessed with views of the jetties, as well as French Island. This spot is excellent for a day of fishing, and you can also head in the direction of Tenby Point to see the swan colony and perhaps even some wallabies. If you have a caravan, Corinella is a terrific destination for an overnight stay or two.

With all that it has to offer, Corinella is a destination you must not miss. Click on the links below to explore the range of accommodation, Holiday Rentals & Caravan Park, in and around Corinella, VIC.

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