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Coronet Bay

Coronet Bay

Coronet Bay is a small town in Victoria known for its tranquil atmosphere and scenic coastal views, making it perfect for family holidays and picnics.

There are several exciting outdoor activities and natural attractions to discover here.

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One of the most famous of these is the Coronet Bay to Corinella Walk, where visitors are treated to a wetland area home to several kinds of water birds. Take in the magnificent views of Western Port while you stroll, passing She Oaks, Coastal Banksia, and dramatic coastlines.

The charming town has all the facilities you need for a comfortable stay. There are attractions for everyone, including playgrounds for kids, boat launch areas, a general store, and shopping not too far away. It’s no surprise that more people are now relocating to Coronet Bay; it’s filled with lovely people and makes for a nice, quiet getaway.

If you visit Coronet Bay with kids, don’t miss out on Panny’s Amazing World of Chocolate on Phillip Island. This is one place to celebrate chocolate and all its best things! Some of the highlights include interactive machines, learning about chocolate, and making your own chocolate bar. This unique wonderland will captivate you, no matter how old you are!

Coronet Bay has many hotels and accommodations to suit all budgets. Your next memorable family holiday awaits you right here. Click on the links below to explore the range of accommodation, holiday houses, and rentals in and around Coronet Bay, VIC.

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