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If you’re travelling on a budget, looking into Phillip Island hostel accommodation could be a great way to save during your vacation.

Popular with travellers looking to travel around Australia without breaking the bank, hostels are a great option with many amenities in their low-frills establishments.

Phillip Island Hostels & Backpackers Victoria, Australia

If you don’t mind sharing a dorm room and bathroom, there are real savings to be had by staying in a hostel. Apart from the cost savings, visitors will also often find like-minded travellers in hostels, along with unlimited internet and a relaxed atmosphere.

Hostel staff will also have a wealth of information about the local area, making the front desk an excellent port of call as you plan your itinerary.

Phillip Island is home to a variety of hotels, ranging from the YHA Island Accommodation in Newhaven to the more low-key Chill House in Cowes. Visitors will love their proximity to local attractions, the great sense of community and the chance to meet other travellers in the lounge areas.

Book your Phillip Island hostel accommodation before your trip, particularly during the popular spring and summer seasons. Click on our link below for the best accommodation deals.

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