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Pet Friendly Accommodation
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Pet Friendly Accommodation

Pet-friendly accommodation in Phillip Island is an important aspect of the island’s tourism, as it allows visitors to travel with their furry friends. Thanks to the many pet-friendly options available, visitors can share the Phillip Island experience with their canine or feline companions.

There is a wide range of choices available, but just make sure to book ahead of time during festive or peak seasons.

Phillip Island Pet-Friendly Accommodation & Caravan Parks, Cowes

The Island Holiday House is a top choice for pet-friendly accommodation on Phillip Island. Island House not only has a secure yard to protect your pets, it also provides ample space for play. Island House prefers to accommodate guests who have well-trained pets; as any damage incurred by the pets will be the responsibility of pet owners.

Holmwood Guesthouse is also an excellent option for pet owners as dogs are permitted into the spa cottages. Each cottage is equipped with a fenced courtyard garden for safety. Holmwood Guesthouse is stylish and cosy for both guests and pets.

Living The Beach Dream is a house that is aptly named for the kind of holiday it offers. It can accommodate up to 10 guests for a fun trip with your furry friends. Living The Beach Dream is equipped with special amenities for children, and dogs are allowed to sleep in the garage.

Maylajay By The Bay is another great pet-friendly accommodation choice in Phillip Island. The property is a spacious 5-bedroom home with modern amenities. While dogs are welcomed, they must stay outside. A covered patio area and a fenced backyard provide ample space to frolic and play around.

Check out Pebbles Beach Retreat; a delightful house located in Cowes. Dogs are allowed as long as they do not sleep on the furniture. Best of all, there is an off-leash beach just three kilometres away, and this means there is absolutely no excuse to not bring your dogs along.

Other options for pet-friendly accommodation in Phillip Island include the Veranda Retreat, Tranquillity in Cowes, as well as Ocean Whispers. As a general guide, ensure that you ask questions about pets when making reservations.

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