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Hot Laps

Hot Laps

Apart from exploring the many natural scenic attractions on Phillip Island, why not try something new and exciting such as a hot lap at the renowned Phillip Island Grand Prix Race Track.

With a heavy-duty V8 HSV sports sedan, you will certainly have a thrilling experience at in one of these amazing vehicles.

Phillip Island V8 Supercar Hot Laps & Rides, Grand Prix Track

Your thrilling race day experience will start with registration and then observing some of these high powered vehicles complete some practice laps around the circuit.

Some experiences have you as the driver and others as the passenger, so select one that suits your interests. For those wanting to drive their own vehicle, you will be given some practice runs with an instructor at the wheel covering the course, breaking points and overtaking procedures. Then you will be taken off to be fitted with racing overalls and a helmet.

Other experiences can have you sitting comfortably as the passenger whilst letting the experts do all the driving for you. Included in this hot lap experience will be a number of laps around the Phillip Island Raceway in a high tech race car with an experienced driver at the wheel. Buckle in as you are taken on an adrenaline-pumping ride and feel the g-forces of V8 performance racing as you hurtle around the track. A trip around the track will be the most thrilling ride of your life.

Make sure you get your picture taken with family and friends on the start/finish line after completion of your ride, it’s a memory you won’t want to forget! Click the link to book your hot lap tour today!

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