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Flynns Reef
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Flynns Reef

Flynn’s Reef is a renowned attraction on Phillip Island, known for excellent surfing as well as diving.

In fact, many consider Flynns’ Reef to be a surfer’s paradise especially for professional surfers who come for the majestic swells.

Flynn’s Reef Phillip Island Surf, Tides & Address, Victoria

One of the things that set Flynn’s Reef apart as a surf destination is its remarkable barrelling waves. Surfers need to exercise caution in the water since the bottom of the reef is characterized by coral and sharp rock. Although generally safe, sharks shouldn’t be a cause for concern but it’s good to keep in mind that great whites have been seen occasionally.

Flynn’s Reef attracts divers of all kinds, from novice to advanced. It is blessed with some of the most colourful and diverse marine life this side of Australia. Top dive spots in the area include Gordon’s Mooring, Tennis Court, Tracy’s Bommie, and Coral Gardens. Visibility of up to 20 meters and mild currents make Flynn’s Reef a popular dive spot that you shouldn’t miss.

The reef is pretty close to other popular beaches on the island, which makes it easy to plan a day trip to Flynn’s Reef for an unforgettable holiday. Bookings can be made with professional tour operators who will gladly help you arrange activities for all to enjoy.

Whether you’d like to stay for a few days, a week, or more, Flynn’s Reef has several accommodation options. From luxurious resorts to motels, it’s easy to find a place to stay that suits your budget and preferences.

Flynn’s Reef is located just before the Penguin Parade, on the way to Cat Bay. If you are taking a car, drive towards the Nobbies and once you reach the roundabout, take a right and you’ll find Flynn’s Reef.

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