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Point Grant

Point Grant

Point Grant, located along the western portion of Phillip Island, is home to many of the island’s most popular attractions.

Also known as the Nobbies, the island attracts many visitors; particularly those who want to experience nature and wildlife up close.

Point Grant, Walking Trail & Nobbies Centre Boardwalk, Phillip island

Perhaps the most famous of these attractions is the Penguin Parade, just a few kilometres away from Point Grant. It’s home to a spectacular colony of seals, as well as sweeping ocean views and dramatic rocks.

Seal Rocks, located just off the end of Point Grant, is also home to one of Australia’s biggest fur seal populations.

The best way to explore Point Grant is by taking a short 1km walk along a path where you can take in views of the Nobbies, Blow Hole, and Seal Rocks. The trail starts by the Nobbies Centre; a visitor centre where you can avail of helpful tourist advice and services.

The viewing scopes here are a great way to take a peek at the fur seals too, but be sure to bring some gold coins along.

The walk continues through a switchback, followed by a junction found at the beginning of the boardwalk’s loop. You can choose to go in any direction though if you want to head to the Nobbies, go right.

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