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Harmers Haven

Harmers Haven

Harmers Haven is a small town located within the gorgeous Bass Coast Shire of Victoria.

Though many don’t consider it as a tourist destination, it is home to several unspoiled gems and is certainly worth a visit.

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The Kilcunda-Harmers Haven Coastal Reserve is one of its best-kept secrets. If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful beach area to swim and relax in, this area is highly recommended. Beautiful sand dunes can be seen rising just above the mouth of the Powlett River. Boating is also a popular activity here.

Wildlife lovers must not miss out on Baxters Wetland, which is just 3.7 km away from Harmers Haven. This gorgeous destination is famous for birdwatching and is also where many indigenous plants and wetlands thrive. Go on a stroll to find the Wonthaggi Wind Farm a little further past it. A track will take you to Baxters Beach, though it’s a bit muddy so be sure you’re wearing the right gear.

The protected Bunurong Marine National Park is nearby as well. Home to an incredibly diverse array of marine animals and plants, this is a terrific destination for a day of snorkelling. During the low tide, a large pool is great for swimming. Some of the fish you’ll see here include the Common Bullseye, Blue-throated Wrasse, Tasmanian Blenny, Scalyfin, and Barracouta, among others. Several shark species live here too, and there are dozens of bright sea stars, sea snails, and crabs.

Harmers Haven is a great outdoor and wildlife destination for families. There are cosy accommodation options to choose from too, as it’s worth staying at least a few nights here. Click on the links below to explore the range of accommodation in and around Harmers Haven, VIC.

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